Without rights, we as sentient beings would resemble little more than savages — a reactive clump of animals subjugated by fear.

Social constructs aside, the fundamental rights of an individual are intrinsically present from the moment of conception. Further, these rights are without race, gender, society, culture, and are not subject by one’s origin, language, appearance, or any other variant of social or political classification. Without question, rights are biological first — and if evolved enough, social second.

At the primary level of existence, rights exist as follows: The rights of any individual are equal to their maximum potential — while never affecting the rights of others.

This one sentence has extensive implications, yet basic as a math equation. It can be considered an unbound universal constant. True to its use, dynamic in its reference. If the rights of an individual are ever in question, recall the sentence at the moment in question, and it will answer every time.


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