A Short Time

Whenever that day is, that is my last, I will have one clear regret. This would be the sizeable disappointment in how far humanity has advanced.

With so much potential literally squandered away by seemingly more important activities of a species far less evolved, it’s depressing to see where we could have been compared to where we are.

Is there hope for us as a species? I would like to think so. Given enough time, humanity will have every chance it needs to learn how to do everything wrong at least once — no doubt at great cost. Unfortunately, humanity as a collective organism is riddled with every type of social disease — mired in disinformation and burdened from legacy ideology — all of which is soaking wet in fear.

Humanity needs not a clean energy model from fusion, nor the return of a deity in order to solve our problems. Humanity needs only to collectively recognize each issue at hand. To have a variance in understanding, is the beginning of conflict, and the variance in understanding stems from the absence of information. For in the absence of information, subjective interpretation quickly takes its place.

How can a species survive its own condition when it fails to recognize its condition? It’s been said: “If all insects on Earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish”. Ironically, of the 50 years given for life to end from the absence of insects, humans would be “voted off the island” almost immediately.

I feel shame for what’s seen today. It’s likely my hair will turn white long before the majority of humanity reaches a consensus on right & wrong. To expect change short of this point requires a global event — shedding enough social disease past the tipping point. I have hope for that day.


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