A list of abstract theories I’m researching for my next book:

• The speed of light is not the ultimate limit, the speed of spacetime is.
• Quantum theory may reveal all particles exist from the convergence of the multiverse.
• Photons are only waves that behave like particles due to the geometry of the converging multiverse.
• Sociality is a genetic property developed from evolutionary pressures.
• The wider the dynamic range an organism’s environment, the greater the genetic intelligence.
• If every particle is the net result of converging multiverse probabilities, then choice is the result of quantum entanglement across the multiverse, defining reality at every instant.
• Genetic evolution is a process divided between robust adaptation in a changing environment, and refinement in a stable environment.
• The meaning of life is to expand potential.
• The Double-Slit experiment is proof of the multiverse, both with and without measurement.

Lastly, some quotes for humanity:
• Universal Rights: The rights of any individual are equal to their maximum potential, while never affecting the rights of others.
• How can a species survive its own condition when it fails to recognize its condition?
• A society has the right to sustainable activity — without affecting the rights of any other society.
• The complexity and effectiveness of any intelligence is proportionate to the genetic intelligence that spawned it.
• Sustainability is irrefutably prerequisite for the existence of any advanced species.
• It’s our imagination that explores today, that our future explores tomorrow.