Upcoming Material

Upcoming articles will come under two titles: Universal Rights and Sustainable Governance, and Universal Rights and Self Preservation.

As the conscience of our global sociality asserts itself through growing social technology, the need of clear direction from the awareness of sustainable social function is at an all time high.

These upcoming articles will reveal a social groundwork as a means to correct the depreciating model of human rights as written far too long ago.

As inherent to an evolving species of sociality, the supporting life function of our global sociality must carry the same entropic adaptation capability as all levels of life must. For without the evolution of sociality, our species would become extinct in the face of any change affecting said level of life.

To adapt to a changing environment is inherently sustainable. To prevent needed adaptation is to prevent function within a changing environment. Likewise, legacy models of social governance as derived from the subjective processes of a social construct will not allow current effective adaptation — if not based on Universal Rights.

With the seemingly unrelenting escalation of unsustainable social function throughout our global society, this author will look at the supporting nature of Universal Rights with greater frequency.

That aside, it’s been asked many times as to the design and intention of these articles on Universal Rights. In response, it should be made clear that Universal Rights is not an invention — any more than gravity or the operation of celestial mechanics. Like many such constants, Universal Rights was discovered, not invented; hence the intrinsic disconnect from the subjective interpretation of social constructs. Further, there was no intention in the use of gravity, as it wasn’t invented out of motivation of an intention. Likewise, the discovery of Universal Rights carries no intention — as it’s a cosmological constant of reality — a force of nature if you like.

The act of studying and revealing the nature of Universal Rights in supporting the sustainable function of our species — does have intention. For in the discovery of this universal constant as revealing sustainable biological function, our species has the opportunity to expand our potential inline with our sole purpose of being.

It’s our cosmic purpose to support all levels of life as defining the very existence of our species — and our Universal Right in preserving the growth of our potential sustainably. Without this observation, we as a species could not hope to become an advanced species. We would simply become extinct in our ignorance — as the countless galaxies indifferently turn without us.

Lastly, this article is open for comments to those who wish to propose topics of social challenge currently unresolved in today’s society. Such challenges can include (but not limited to): Poverty, abortion, gun rights, taxes, law enforcement, politics, healthcare etc.

With requests from readers, this author offers the clarity of Universal Rights as inherently capable in solving these issues as currently managed by subjective social constructs. The sum of those topics offered will dictate the order of articles as a response.


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